Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Happy Holiday's from the Hart's!!
The girls were not a fan of Santa aka HoHo this year.
The girls and their cousins Jack and Zoey.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Congratulations Uncle Mike and Aunt Molly

I know i'm late on this but May 7th 2010 Zoey Anna and Jack Michael were born....

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More Pictures....

More Pictures....

Girls Playing

For their 1st birthday we got the girls a slide... they love it!

I's about time I updated this...

I know I said before I would try to update this more but it's a lot harder then I expected. :-)

So I last posted when the girls were 9 months old. Around 11 1/2 months on May 16th Jocelyn took her 1st steps. 4 days later Mackenzie began walking as well. And since then they are now running all over!!



The girls are now 15 months and they are doing great. They went off formula at 12 months and took to Milk well. At the end of the summer took away bottles and they have been fine with this as well. They no longer want baby food and prefer to feed themselves then be fed. I could say they are picky eaters but it's more that they want their pizza and french fries over good/healthy foods. (I think they got this from mom and dad! LOL) But they will eat healthy foods when they feel like so i'm not sure i would call them picky in the sense they don't like a lot of food. They are just picky as to WHEN they like those foods. So this is the biggest thing we are dealing with at the moment.

They had a great summer of 2010. We were able to get down the shore a lot this year and hope to continue this for future summers. They love the campground and the freedom they have down there.

They are talking a lot too. They say a good amount of words. Jocelyn likes to tell you to "sit" and hits the couch to get you to sit. They say outside because they love to be outside. Of course we get, mommy, daddy, papa and mom mom. I have to get pictures off my other computer but I promise to do this soon. Here are a few that I do have.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Pictures & 9 Month checkup

The girls had their 9 month checkup yesterday and things are going great.

Mackenzie is 17lbs 1oz
Jocelyn is 16lbs 6.5oz

They are growing so fast. Both girls are crawling now. Jocelyn has been for a while at 6 months but now mackenzie is making her way around. They both also pull themselves up and walk along when holding onto something. They say Ba Ba and babble all the time. They are eating very well. We starting to give more solids.

They saw the Easter Bunny with their pop pops. I would have loved to have been there but I love the picture so I could not be mad. lol

Here are pictures we had done last night for the 9 month/ Easter pics. The girls were great. They had their Dr. appt earlier and it was at their bedtime. They got a little cranky at the end so that why we didn't try to a plain background. haha It was also hard at a point because they both wanted to crawl around all the time. Thank good both grandmom's were there to help. The one where Mackenzie has her hands up, we would say SO BIG and she put her hands up. Then she kept doing it. haha

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ears Pierced!!

As you can see from the pictures below, the girls got their ears pierced. We got them done on January 8th at the Cherry Hill mall. Me, my mom and Sherri took the girls. They did well. I held each of them and I had to hold their arms and head so they wouldn't move. The lady who did them (one ear at a time) was the not nicest girl but she did a good job and was quick. Both Mackenzie and Jocelyn screamed and it was a delayed scream but as soon as they got their bottles they were fine. And the weeks since then they have rarely touched their ears. AND they let us clean them. :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Other Misc. Pictures...

Soco was not too happy about this one! But I love these onsie's!!

Jocelyn like her Uncle Billy..

Mackenzie like her uncle billy...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Pictures...

Here are some Christmas 2009 pictures....


I know I know...It's been forever. Here are some updates.

Jocelyn and Mackenzie will be 8 months old on Feb 9th (about a week and a half). Jocelyn is crawling very well now and she pulls herself up very easly. Both grandmoms have walkers at their houses and the girls love to be them. Mackenzie last night began to roll over from her belly to her back and of course she claps afterwards. It's way too cute.

At their 6 month appt. Jocelyn weighed 14lbs 3.7oz and Mackenzie weighed 6months- 14lbs 10.2oz. Mackenzie is my little porker. LOL But I think Jocelyn is also more active so she crawls it off. :-)

They are on food now and to no surprise Mackenzie will eat anything. Jocelyn is not bad but is not crazy about peaches and peas. But if mixed with something else she is ok. But she makes the cutest faces. They tried some apple juice last night and seemed to like it a lot. We are starting to get them used to their sippy cups as well. Mackenzie seems to like it more then Jocey. But Jocey does well with it I think she just doesn't want to be bothered and would rather be crawling around. haha

They are doing really well and seem like very happy little girls. They are getting to big way to fast.

Oh and since it's been way too long since i posted Christmas was wonderful. They girls were a little scared of santa but I think it's because it was a familiar voice but a strange beard. haha

I'll add pictures in another post.

I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to post something at least once a month. I will try.