Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flyers Fans....

Mackenzie and Joycelyn are already Flyers fans!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here are some recent pictures

Mackenzie after her first sponge bath..

Jocelyn after her first sponge bath....

the girls going on their first stroll...


Their outfits to their 2nd Dr. checkup

Monday, June 22, 2009

The girls are here!!!

Mackenzie Paige and Jocelyn Marie arrive very early tuesday morning on June 9th.

5lbs 4oz
18 1/2in

5lbs 9oz
18 3/4in

On Monday, June 8th, I was not feeling well most of the day. I began having pain on both of my lower sides early in the night. I took a shower, went to the bathroom, took some of my meds since the Doc said to do so when the pain got too bad. This was around 9pm. Around 11pm we decided to go to sleep and I was going to get up one more time to use the bathroom when all of a sudden my water broke. The only way i can describe how i felt was relief. I was so happy that I was going to the hosital and they were not going to send me home. I was having these babies!!

We got to the hospital around 11:30 and my contractions began about 5-10 minutes apart. They were not too bad at this point. I was 4cm and this was the only time they checked that. The around 12:00 my contractions were about 5 minutes consistanly part and a little bit more painful. At this point we were waiting for my Dr. to arrive. 12:30 comes and my contractions are about 1-2 minutes apart and getting pretty painful. If anyone has heard of back labor this was my labor pains. All in my lower back.

Around 1am, contractions were 1 minute and the most painful pains i've ever felt. I was begging for any type of pain meds but they didn't want to give me anything since i was going in for my c-section and i would get a spinal. I didn't care and threw a few choice words around. Oh and at this point I had to move from the one bed to another bed while having contractions and with help from one nurse.

FINALLY my doctor arrived and i got taken into the OR. At this point I had to go into another bed but had more help. My contractions were probably about 30 seconds apart and so so so painful. They got me set up and the spinal went in. Within seconds I felt relief and so happy. Although, the dinner I had early wasn't sitting too well. I got sick a few times but then felt better. The weirdest part of the spinal was not feeling my toes.

Mike at this point is by my side and he did wonderful. Even when i got sick he was ok. Jocelyn came out first and her cries were just beautiful to hear. Then Mackenzie was next. Mike got to see them right away and cut their cords.

The girls did go to the NICU for the 1st day and a half as a precaution and i was happy with this since they got special attention while there. By wednesday around 2pm they were with us in the room.

We got home saturday June 13th (SoCo's 3rd birthday). Soco is doing fabulous!! She's becoming the girls protector. Sherri and my mom have been taken turns staying with us which has been a blessing. We appriciate all their help which allows us to get a lot more sleep then I would have thought.

The girls are doing great and getting on a schedule as best they can for 2 weeks old. Tomorrow is another weight check so I will try to get on to update that. They way they eat I'm curious how much they have gained.

Here are a few pictures...
Jocelyn Marie
Mackenzie Paige

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Updated Room Pictures

Here are some updated babies room pictures.

Here is the Tigger that Mike drew. I painted but he did all the hard work and he did an amazing job.

Grandmom with SoCo in the Glider.

The dress/changing table

We moved the bookcase so the chair had a more comfy feel to it and did not take up all the space.

This is the crib the girls will spend the first 4-6 months in until they start to bother each other and need to be seperated.

All is well and 8 more days to go until they arrive! If not sooner. I feel the same. My pains come and go. I have my OB appt tomorrow afternoon so until there is any dialiation change we will stilll be set for monday.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Doing a lot better since tuesday. I did have some pain again on tuesday and after calling my Dr. I was able to take some pain meds to help.

I had an OB appt on thursday with no changes. NONE! :-) I was hoping maybe a little change but nope.

Friday I had my weekly stress test which also went well. The girls heartrates are great and they each have a good amount of fluid when we checked on the ultrasound. They are getting very big. We don't check weights or anything with this appt but you could just tell that there is hardly any room left for them.

My Dr. happened to be on call at the hospital on friday so he stopped by when i was having my testing done to check in on me. He also had great news. We moved up my C-section date from June 23rd to June 15th!!!

SOOOO, the girls will be here by the 15th no matter what. If anyone asked me thursday, I would have said I was praying that my water broke so i could have these babies. But now that I have the 15th date and Dr. Dardarian will be delivering them on the 15th I now hope to go on this day instead of not knowing which Dr. would deliver them. Plus, I DO NOT want to have these babies or have to be in the hospital over the weekend From last weeks experience not all the weekend staff was the friendliest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5/30-6/1 weekend from hell!!

Saturday 5/30

Sherri came by to help get things organized and our friends Bobbi and Tony stopped by as well with little Tommy. The day started out wonderful. Around 4:00 Bobbi, Tony and Tommy had just left when we were going to grab something to eat and then I was going to rest up. But I started to have severe pains in my left side/back. We though contractions but they were not going away and coming back. It was a constant pain that would get stronger then let up but the pain didn't go away. We call Dr. and they said to come into hospital.

By the time I got to hospital I was in pain for about 30 minutes straight. We were sure the babies were coming that night. The pain did subside but now I was having small regular contractions that did not really hurt but i could tell they were there. After a few hours the Dr. and Resident dr. felt I had a kindey stone. Now this Dr. was not my doc nor in the practice I go to. He is a partner Doc that see paitents of my Docs if they are not on call or in hospital.

The Dr. decides to give ma Tylenol 3 to help with pain but other then that there is really nothing they can do if it's a kidney stone and I was not in full labor. My cervix was not changing. I took the meds and about 20 minutes later I got sick...twice. So the meds did not stay in. They then decided to keep me over night, give me an IV with Meds and I would have an ultrasound sunday morning to see if they could see a stone or anything else.

I LOVED the meds they gave me because it stopped the pain and I got some sleep.

Sunday morning, a Doc from my practice was now on and I like her a lot. I had the Ultrasound on my kidneys and they did not see anything. And the doc did not feel it was a kidney stone but really could not stay 100%. She felt comfortable since i was not in labor to send me home with pain meds.

Most of sunday when we got home i was fine. Felt good. Got some sleep and was great.

Monday morning around 12:30AM I woke up with pains. Now at this point i was taking meds on time every 6 hours. I went to the bathroom then was able to go back to sleep. Woke up again around 1:10. Again went back to sleep. Woke up again around 1:30 and decided to take another pain med since 2am was going to be the time to take it anyway. But at this point i'm feel contractions as well as my side pain. Almost an hour goes by with having a new dose of meds in and the pain is getting worse and my contractions are about 10-15 min apart. I would get a contraction and then the side pain would happen after.

Eventually the contractions got to about 5 minutes apart and it was close to 4am. I called the Dr and she said to come right in. So i went in and they hooked me up to the IV and gave me meds and did tests. I was having contractions at this point according to the monitor but the babies were doing just fine.

At this point too we had a nice nurse but she got off duty around 8am. then we got a nice but not very friendly nurse and the resident was one that i had seen on wednesday and friday who was ok but not great bedside manners.

The resident comes in and says...You are back? then proceds to tell me how each time I come in and get an exam i am running the risk of infection to me and/or the babies. And if I say i'm having a contraction (which clearly I was) they have to do the exam.

So I pretty much felt like she was saying you shouldn't have come in. My mom and Mike stuck up for me and explained that I waited about 4 hours before even calling.

I then had to go tot he bathroom and needed the nurse to come in and unplug the monitor wires. When i got out of the bed I thought i did something to my IV wire. I asked the nurse and she just shrugged her sholders and ignored me. I went into the bathroom and hormones or not I cried my eyes out. I just couldn't stop. I coudln't take it anymore and they made me feel like a difficult paitent when I hardly asked anything of them only if i had to.

I came out of the bathroom thinking it would only be mike and my mom there but the nurse, resident and my actual OB Dr. Dardarian was there. I tried to calm down but it wasn't happenening. Mike then explained to Dr. D that we felt we were not getting straight answers of what was going on and that we felt people thought we were lying about what i'm feeling.

Dr. D was just awesome and said that now that he was there he was the only person I needed to listen to. And if I had any questions to just ask him. He was going to look over my tests but in the mean time wanted to give me meds to stop any contractions. He wanted to see if doing this stopped the pain i was getting on my side. He felt the contractions maybe caused Baby A to push against my side and give me these pains. sort of back labor pains.

Now as the resident was leaving she leans over to mike and thanks him for getting her in trouble and walked away. Now for those that know mike very well this resident is very lucky he kept his cool. She later did appologize to him but it was too late. I hope I never get her again.

Also from this point on the nurse treated me a little different but I felt like they were trying to baby me since Dr. D yelled at them. But oh well I just didn't care at that point. I was tried of trying to be nice when they obviously didn't care.

The meds for the contractions did help and I was pain free for the rest of the day. Dr. D came in later and said my tests all came back normal and he did not feel i had a kindey stone. He checked me out and my cervix still did not change so he felt fine sending me home with these new meds to stop the contractions.

We got home and i was fine for most of the day but then eventually the pains came back. We were actally able to now feel baby A pushing on the side where i was feeling the pain. I called Dr. D yesterday and he told me to also take the pain meds I had and this has been working.

I have an OB appt with the Dr. I saw on sunday. Dr. Dookhan. So we'll see how things are doing tomorrow.

At 35 1/2 weeks the babies can be born now and be toally fine. Of course the longer they stay in the better but at this point i am not worried at all if they were born.