Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Pictures...

Here are some Christmas 2009 pictures....


I know I know...It's been forever. Here are some updates.

Jocelyn and Mackenzie will be 8 months old on Feb 9th (about a week and a half). Jocelyn is crawling very well now and she pulls herself up very easly. Both grandmoms have walkers at their houses and the girls love to be them. Mackenzie last night began to roll over from her belly to her back and of course she claps afterwards. It's way too cute.

At their 6 month appt. Jocelyn weighed 14lbs 3.7oz and Mackenzie weighed 6months- 14lbs 10.2oz. Mackenzie is my little porker. LOL But I think Jocelyn is also more active so she crawls it off. :-)

They are on food now and to no surprise Mackenzie will eat anything. Jocelyn is not bad but is not crazy about peaches and peas. But if mixed with something else she is ok. But she makes the cutest faces. They tried some apple juice last night and seemed to like it a lot. We are starting to get them used to their sippy cups as well. Mackenzie seems to like it more then Jocey. But Jocey does well with it I think she just doesn't want to be bothered and would rather be crawling around. haha

They are doing really well and seem like very happy little girls. They are getting to big way to fast.

Oh and since it's been way too long since i posted Christmas was wonderful. They girls were a little scared of santa but I think it's because it was a familiar voice but a strange beard. haha

I'll add pictures in another post.

I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to post something at least once a month. I will try.