Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Pictures & 9 Month checkup

The girls had their 9 month checkup yesterday and things are going great.

Mackenzie is 17lbs 1oz
Jocelyn is 16lbs 6.5oz

They are growing so fast. Both girls are crawling now. Jocelyn has been for a while at 6 months but now mackenzie is making her way around. They both also pull themselves up and walk along when holding onto something. They say Ba Ba and babble all the time. They are eating very well. We starting to give more solids.

They saw the Easter Bunny with their pop pops. I would have loved to have been there but I love the picture so I could not be mad. lol

Here are pictures we had done last night for the 9 month/ Easter pics. The girls were great. They had their Dr. appt earlier and it was at their bedtime. They got a little cranky at the end so that why we didn't try to a plain background. haha It was also hard at a point because they both wanted to crawl around all the time. Thank good both grandmom's were there to help. The one where Mackenzie has her hands up, we would say SO BIG and she put her hands up. Then she kept doing it. haha