Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Appt

Before i get into today's appt I want to give a little FYI I have change my pregnancy counter to go by what the Doctors go by. I'm beginning to confuse myself. haha. i was going by the fertilization date and they are going by the date i had my transfer.

Well, today i had my regular ob appt. And it was an interesting appointment. the last couple days i haven't felt very comfortable and have been feeling pressure down low. So i told my Dr. this. He then checked my cervix and tells me i'm 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. (for those that dont know dilated means my cervix is now open starts at 1cm goes to 10cm. Effaced means that my cervix is thin 0% is closed 100% is very very thin.) The nurses and doctors were not worried or concerned about this so i'm not going to be. They said that i could be this way for weeks even with twins. I just now have to be aware of any contractions and to monitor them.

But the fact that I was feeling some pressure today my dr. wanted me to get checked at the hospital. So i had to head to labor and delivery. Thank goodness we took our tour on friday! lol. So I scare the crap out of mike through a text (i tried to call but he was in a meeting and he texted me first) but once i did get to speak to him i reassured him that I felt things were fine and that he did not have to rush to the hospital just yet. But he was already on his way so i told him to go home first. I just knew I wasn't having these babies today.

The nurse i had was wonderful. SO NICE. She hooked me up to the heartrate and contraction monitor like I do on friday's. I think I had like 1 small contraction when i was first hooked up but after that all was good. The babies were all over the place so that was good they were not stressed although their mom was. haha. I went home after about 2 hours in the hospital. I feel fine now. My new goal is to get to at least June 10th which would be almost 36 weeks. Of course the longer they stay in the better but the nurse i talked to said around 36 weeks would be great.

Now...If by some miracle i make it to June 23rd. This will be my schedule c-section. But I do not feel I will get that far. And honestly the thought of going that far hurts. LOL.

Talk about a reality check that these girls will be here VERY soon!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hospital Tour

Mike and I did a hospital tour yesterday. It was nice to be able to walk through where we will be. The nurse said I will have a private room and it's a nice size room too. They have a lounge that I can take the babies too if I want to get out of the room and they have a kitchen area where I can store food if I have any and they try to keep it stocked with juices and somtimes bagels in the morning.

We also got to see a 3 hour old baby girl who weighed 5lbs 3oz. She was so adorable. Tiny but bigger then I thought a 5lb baby would be. And amazed me that I have two of them inside right now. I've gotten bigger as you can see in the picture below but I still don't know how they fit in there.

Since I had off yesterday I was able to drive into the city and have lunch with Diana (L) and Melissa (R). And they took a pic with the big belly.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another successful non stress test

We had our 2nd non stress test today and again things went well. I had a different nurse who was the nicest lady. She found both heartbeats quickly which was nice and the girls started to react right way. They had a lot of accelerations which my nurse said was so great.

One little thing that did happen was Baby A's heartrate started to show 77,80,99 for more then a few seconds but less then a minute. the nurse felt it was just picking up my heartrate but she wouldn't take me off the monitor until a Dr. came in to confirm this. So that made me feel a lot better.

I also got another quick look at them and they are still breech babies. I was also able to confirm the pain i was having last night in my lower left side/leg is Baby A's feet pushing against me. :-)

So today went really well and things are still looking great.

Next OB appt is Wednesday the 27th. And then another NST on friday.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Appts and 34 weeks....

I've had a few appointments since i last posted. Everything is looking great.

Non-Stress test: I'll do this everything Friday now. This went well once she was able to find the heartbeat (HB) of Baby A. As of my last ultra sound in April Baby A's head was on my left side and we would always find the HB on the left side. Well, Baby A's head is now on my right side so the lady eventually found her HB there. Baby B's is still across the top sideways with her head on my upper left side and her butt right under my right rib area. Anyway, once we got the heartbeats both girls did what they needed to do. Which is to see their HB jump with movement or something like that. Then they also like to check the fluid of the girls sacs. With twins she needed to do this with a quick Ultrasound (this is how we saw baby A really did move to the other side) Fluid was great.

Regular UltraSound Appt: This appt is probably my last regular ultrasound. And the girls are getting so big!! They don't have a lot of room either. So this made it very hard to get accurate measurements. Baby B, who was a little easier to read since she is up high, measured at 4lbs 11oz. And Baby A, who was very very hard to measure since she is down much lower. She measured 4lbs 3oz but the tech said that is not right and to not go by that. She did say that both babies look great. AND the most exciting thing we got to see was each of them practicing their breathing. The tech said this is a great sign that they are healthy. And if during the stress-tests i take on friday's now if the HB's don't jump the breathing is what they would look for. So it was great to see this when we were not really looking for it.

We also saw again that Baby A's head is on the right side. BUT her feet are still down low so she is breech (a little bit sideways too but more breech). (feet first) Baby B's is still transverse (sideways) Her feet are right above Baby A's head. So they are sort of in a circle. LOL.

I feel Baby B the most. I can see when she moves her butt or is wiggling around. My stomach goes nuts sometimes. I don't see Baby A's movements but she kicks me down low a lot to let me know she's there too.

Finally, with Baby A still breech and very unlikely to flip, I will be having a c-section. Which most of you know i'm totally ok with. :-) I see my OB on the 27th and will discuss with him about scheduling a date.

Week 34's development report:
Your amazing baby is on the move! They’ve been riding fairly high in your stretched-out womb till now (while kindly compressing your poor internal organs), but now they’re planning on making the big move to your pelvis this week. If you haven’t noticed it already, you’ll be feeling the weight shift that signals that your baby is most likely out of breech position, with their head now resting on your pubic bone. In liver news: although not quite fully formed, your little miracle’s liver is now capable of processing a certain amount of waste. In general, most of your child’s prenatal physical development is pretty much up to snuff and ready for the outside world. Naturally, further weight gain is expected—so you’re still not at maximum capacity despite probably feeling like you definitely are maxed out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

33 weeks...

Hello everyone...We are at 33 weeks!! Went to the OB yesterday and all is looking good. I saw a different doctor in the practice and she was very nice. I go back to them in two weeks but then after that I start going every week. Although with my other appointments coming up I will be seen by someone every week now.

Friday (5/15) I start the Non-Stress tests. These are done weekly. Here is an explaination of what this is:

This simple, painless procedure is done during pregnancy to evaluate your baby's condition. During the test, your healthcare practitioner or a technician monitors your baby's heartbeat, first while the baby is resting and then while he's moving. Just as your heart beats faster when you're active, your baby's heart rate should go up while he's moving or kicking.This simple, painless procedure is done during pregnancy to evaluate your baby's condition. During the test, your healthcare practitioner or a technician monitors your baby's heartbeat, first while the baby is resting and then while he's moving. Just as your heart beats faster when you're active, your baby's heart rate should go up while he's moving or kicking.

Also on the the 15th we will be doing a tour of the hospital. I decided not to do a class but I did want to tour the maternity section to see where we will be. Plus this is FREE!!! :-)

Then on the 19th we will have another Ultrasound. :-) I am guessing the little ones are close to 5lbs at this appointment. Yes, that's 10lbs of babies!!!

I hope everyone is well...

Here is the weekly development report:

Fetal development in pregnancy week 33:fetus in eighth month For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ should weigh much more than a mere 5 lbs and measly 17 inches in height, but nope, that’s about the average size for a baby in its thirty-third week. In terms of appearances, they’re getting cuter and pudgier every minute as they pile on the baby fat for those adorable little wrist rolls and chubby toes. And as we’re sure you’ve already noticed they’re getting stronger with every passing day. Nowadays, it’s possible to observe a well-placed kick just by watching your belly—but you already knew that didn’t you? Although they’re getting stronger, your bigger-by-the-day baby is losing space to move around, so the actual rate of movement will drop off in the last few weeks, despite that powerful drop-kick they’ve been working on. Hey, did you know you’ll continue feeling their movements even during labor?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

32 weeks...8 MONTHS!!! :-)

In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature! This means you’ll probably get a swift kick if you put a hot pad on your ginormous belly. For the Elton John lovers out there-- yes, baby’s got blue eyes. At this point, all babies do, although depending on their chromosomal disposition, this could easily change after birth (or even between now and labor), but for the time being, blue it is. Thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week, survive premature births. So it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if your little monkey’s planning on heading out early, their survival odds are in everyone’s favor. Time to celebrate (no, no, wait until after the birth to crack open the champagne!) We’re talking baby-showers and alcohol-free punch!